FOOD. Eat with Ease Every Day.
Make the Life You Want.
Be Happy!

“I’m a middle-aged woman with a 150-pound weight loss story.”

On-camera actress, celebrity stylist and public speaker Amy Freinberg-Trufas decided to share her motivational weight loss journey in her Amazon #1 International Best-Seller FOOD. Eat With Ease Every Day. Make the Life You Want. Be Happy! “I feel called to create ease and inspire hope in people who are struggling with some issue in their lives.”

Today, she feels compelled to share her story with others, especially those undergoing the same battle. Included in the book are some of Amy’s easy recipes. “I love to create recipes that are both delicious and satisfying. I believe in completely removing any feelings of punishment around food.” Amy’s delicious, simple recipes mimic the flavor profiles of not-so-healthy foods. Her real-life experience led not only to healthy sustained weight loss, but also a trip to NYC and a nationally televised conversation with Dr. Oz…and there’s more to come!

How Did Amy Do It?