Food: Eat with Ease Every Day

Make the life you want. Be happy!


“I’m a middle-aged woman with a 150-pound weight loss story.”

On-camera actress, celebrity stylist and public speaker Amy Freinberg-Trufas decided to share her motivational weight loss journey in her Amazon #1 International Best-Seller FOOD. Eat With Ease Every Day. Make the Life You Want. Be Happy! “I feel called to create ease and inspire hope in people who are struggling with some issue in their lives.”

This is not another diet book.

And that’s good.

Because you don’t need another diet.

Just ask Amy Freinberg-Trufas, who suffered with morbid obesity for the first four decades of her life.

Navigating a traumatic childhood, she turned to food to cope, creating mindless habits and patterns around eating that caused her to pack on pound after pound for years…

As an adult, Amy’s weight was choking her out of her own life and she knew it. After hitting a devastating 311 pounds, she stopped weighing herself, giving up on any efforts to address her obesity.

Her suffering continued until years later, when her father’s deathbed words illuminated a path that finally allowed her to imagine, create, and ultimately celebrate a new relationship with food.

She now joyfully eats with ease every day.

Part memoir, part mindset guide, this book is honest, raw, and sometimes, unbelievable. Written with vulnerability, compassion, and humor, you’ll begin to see your own way out of anything holding you back from living a joyful life.

Struggling with eating? Read this book. It’s not a shallow repeat of every other food guide, fad diet, or recipe book… In fact, it’s barely about food at all.

Today, she feels compelled to share her story with others, especially those undergoing the same battle. Included in the book are some of Amy’s easy recipes. “I love to create recipes that are both delicious and satisfying. I believe in completely removing any feelings of punishment around food.” Amy’s delicious, simple recipes mimic the flavor profiles of not-so-healthy foods. Her real-life experience led not only to healthy sustained weight loss, but also a trip to NYC and a nationally televised conversation with Dr. Oz…and there’s more to come!

How Did Amy Do It?